Aliens in the Attic [feature film]

  • Director: John Shultz
  • Producers: Barry Josephson / Marc Fischer / Joe Hartwick Jr.
  • DOP: Don Burgess
  • Production Designer: Barry Chusid

Filmed from January to April 2008, this Fox feature film was shot around Auckland. Phil Aitken was Location Manager (and Location Scout) and Alice Veysey was the Location Co-Ordinator.

Released July 31 2009, this filmed has grossed to 11 August about US$17 million.

Aliens in the Attic - 1

Aliens in the Attic - 2

Halifax – ‘Helping Hands’ [TVC]

  • Advertising Agency : Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners
  • Production House: Anonymous Content / Independent


  • Director: Garth Davis (Exit Films)
  • Producer: Karen Sproul (Exit Films)
  • NZ Producer: Declan Cahill (Automatic Films)


  • NZ Production Manager: Pip Gillings
  • 1st AD: Jeremy Fitzgerald
  • DOP: Bob Humphreys
  • Art Director: Mick Coote

This thirteen day shoot in November / December 2008 was one of the biggest TV commercials to be shot in Auckland City. Over 300 extras most days and a majority of inner-city locations scouted and managed by Phil Aitken.

Thanks to Katie Flannigan from Auckland City Event & Film Operations for all her help.

Halifax - Helping Hands Shoot - 1Halifax - Helping Hands Shoot - 2
Halifax - Helping Hands Shoot - 3Halifax - Helping Hands Shoot - 4

Coke ‘Heist’ [TVC]

  • Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
  • Directors: Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick
  • Producer: Michael Schlenker
  • New Zealand Production Company: Flying Fish
  • Line Producer: Mark Matthews
  • Production Manager: Anna Walsh-Wrightson

Shot: October 2008. This TVC, to be first screened at Super Bowl XLIII (2009) was filming around Auckland locations before the post-production process began. Phil Aitken was Location Manager.

Coke Heist Shoot - 9Coke Heist Shoot - 36

Flight of the Conchords [TV Comedy]

In February 2009, Filmscouts location scouted and managed a scene shot in New Zealand for Season 2 of Flight of the Conchords.

  • Production Company: Dakota Pictures
  • Producer: AJ DiAntonio
  • Director: Taika Waikiki
  • Talent: Bret McKenzie, Jemaine Clement and Rhys Darby

Flight of the Conchords image

Gerble [TVC]

  • Production Company: La Base Films. Paris
  • NZ Production Co: Big Pictures
  • Producer: Sadi Soucron
  • Line Producer: Yannick Dupas
  • Director: Filip Tellander
  • NZ Producer: William Grieve

La Base shot a TVC for the French Biscuit ‘Gerble’ in Auckland for a day before shooting wheat-fields in the South Island. The Auckland Location Scout and Manager was Phil Aitken.

Gerble shoot

Ford – The Road Not Taken [TVC]

  • Director: Mark Molloy
  • Producer: Wilf Sweetland
  • Line Producer: William Grieve
  • Production Manager: Sue Sparks
  • DA: Riley Brown
  • Produced by: Exit Films and Big Pictures

Shot in January 2009. Filmed in the South and North Island of New Zealand. Phil Aitken scouted and managed the North Island leg.

Ford - The Road not Taken TVC - 1Ford - The Road not Taken TVC - 2

Ford 3

Honda [stills shoot]

  • Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
  • Photographer: Magnus Winter
  • Producer: Claudia Weingart
  • Art Director: Ian Perkins

In April 2008, Magnus Winter travelled to New Zealand to shoot a stills campaign for Honda. Phil Aitken scouted and managed the Auckland leg, then Ren Terpstra took over Location Scouting and Location Managing in the South Island.

Honda 5Honda 6

Honda 7

Vox – ‘Angel’ [tvc]

Vox Film – ‘Angel’ (Bump Breaks)

  • Director: Torsten Lohrman
  • Producer: Heiko Fischer
  • NZ Production Company: Making Movies
  • NZ Producer: Andy Salek
  • DOP: Stefan Ditner
  • Production Manager: Pip Gillings

For two days in August 2008, prior to shooting in the South Island, Phil Aitken was the Location Scout and Location Manager on the TVC for VOX filmed around Auckland. Locations included the heli-pad on the ASB Tower and Britomart.

VOX Auckland locations-8VOX Auckland locations-57VOX Auckland locations-15