John Lewis – Christmas 2012 [TVC]

John Lewis Christmas 2012

  • Advertising Agency: Adam & Eve DDB
  • Production Company: Blink Productions
  • Director: Dougal Wilson
  • Line Production Company: Robbers Dog Films
  • Line Producer: Caz Hearn
  • Location Scouts: Clayton Tikao/Dave Walker
  • Location Managers: Clayton Tikao/Dave Walker

John Lewis shoot pics-2934John Lewis shoot pics-2931

Nissan ‘Coin Bank’ [TVC]

  • Advertising Agency: TBWA Hakuhodo
  • Production Company: Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
  • Director: Taku Ueda
  • Producer: Masao Ohde
  • Line Production Company: Curious Film
  • Line Producer: Tatsuya Shimada
  • Lead Cast: Ms. Ririan Ono
  • Location Scout: Clayton Tikao
  • Location Manager: Phil Aitken

Nissan 'Coin Bank'

Akzo Nobel Woodcare [TVC]

  • Agency: McCann Erickson London
  • Producer: Jeri Low
  • UK Production House: Mustard Film Company
  • Producer: John Doris
  • NZ Production House: Joyride Films
  • Producer: Anzak Tindall
  • DOP: Chris Sabogal
  • Location Scout / Manager: Phil Aitken

Akzo Nobel-1150506Akzo Nobel-1150505

E Hyphen World Gallery TVC

Clayton Tikao scouted and location managed the E Hyphen World Gallery TVC for Japan

  • Japanese Production Company: Paradise Cafe Inc.
  • Director: Hideyuki Tanaka
  • Producer: Noriaki Takagi
  • NZ Production Company: Curious Films
  • NZ Producer: Tatsuya Shimada
  • DOP: Renaud Maire
  • Art Director: Robin Rawstorne

E Hyphen 001E Hyphen 002
E Hyphen 003E Hyphen 004

Strongbow Summer Blossom

Clayton Tikao scouted and managed the Strongbow Summer Blossom TVC.

  • Agency: Clemenger BBDO
  • Production Company: Exit Films
  • Director: Mark Molloy
  • Producer: Wilf Sweetland
  • NZ Production Company: Automatic Films
  • NZ Producer: Declan Cahill
  • DOP: Greig Fraser
  • Art Director: Mick Coote

Strongbow 1034Strongbow 1033
Strongbow 1032

Il Dong Foods – Milk Powder [TVC]

Phil & Clayton scouted and managed two TVC’s for Il Dong Foods for cow and goat milk powder

  • Production Campany: Namunada
  • Producer: Hai Woong, Yoon
  • Director: Jong Su, Yu
  • Co Production Company: Ozcam Productions
  • Executive Producer: Richie Kim
  • Producer: Aaron Yoon
  • DOP: Jae Kwan, Lee
  • Production Manager: Lisa Kissin

Il Dong goat shootOn a goat

Instant Kiwi ‘Believe it or Not’ [TVC]

In May, Phil Aitken was the Location Scout and Manager on a TVC for Instant Kiwi. This was a 3 day shoot in central Auckland City.

Thanks to Event & Film Operations of Auckland City and the support of Film Auckland.

  • Agency: DDB New Zealand
  • Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
  • Production Company: Good Oil Films
  • Producer: Sam Long
  • Director: Hamish Rothwell

Instant Kiwi shoot-2Instant Kiwi shoot-1

Hyundai ix35 [TVC]

In February & March 2010, Phil Aitken scouted and managed a TVC for the Hyundai ix35. This 8 day shoot was in and around Auckland.

  • Agency: Assignment Group
  • Production Company: Exposure International Ltd
  • Producer: Maggie Lewis
  • Director: Tony Williams
  • Production Manager: Sally Moodabe
  • DOP: John Toon
  • Art Director: Ashley Turner
  • Location Scout / Manager: Phil Aitken

Hyundai shoot photos-86Hyundai shoot photos-81

MasterCard ‘Places Everyone’ [TVC]

In January 2010, Moxie Pictures came to New Zealand to shoot a MasterCard TVC starring Bonnie Tyler. Phil Aitken scouted and managed the shoot.

  • Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson
  • UK Production Company: Moxie Pictures
  • NZ Production Company: Boomerang Productions
  • Director: Neil Gorringe
  • Producer: Jess Ensor
  • NZ Producer: Celina Janjic
  • Production Manager: Lisa Kissin
  • DOP: Ben Davis
  • Art Director: Mick Coote

MasterCard shoot-2MasterCard shoot-1

Dairylea ‘Sun’ & ‘Water’ [TVC]

In February 2010, Clayton & Phil both worked on two Dairylea TVC’s for Kraft.

  • Advertising Agency: JWT London
  • UK Production Company: Another Film Company
  • NZ Production Company: Prodigy
  • Director: Simon Neal
  • Producer: Susan Caldwell
  • Line Producer: Caz Hearn
  • DOP : Ginny Loane
  • Art Director: Chris Elliot

Dairylea shoot pics - 2
Dairylea shoot pics - 1